White. Mildly floral and fruity.

Ancient Artisan Moonlight White

  • Handpicked and processed on a full moon, this is an actual Yue Guang Bai (Moonlight White) harvested from ancient tea trees as old as 400 years old in the high mountains of Yunnan. The locals believe this tea is special as it holds a unique energy and spirit from the full moon phase. The tea gets its name from its unique shape and color- one side of the leaf is white and the other is shadowy black like the moon.


    The production method is a closely-guarded secret spanning hundreds of years known only to local tea masters. This tea is harvested only between March to May when the first buds and tender tea leaves emerge on the ancient tea trees. The cool spring weather gives the slow-growing buds a concentrated flavor and aroma.


    The Yunnan people regard this as a white tea; but when pressed into cakes, a Puer.


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