Puer. Tea with floral honey-like aroma and mellow taste. 


The buds are of three different colors- light purple, green and yellow. When brewed, the colors of the leaves become even brighter and the buds balloon. The brew is a pale, light color with a floral honey-like aroma and mellow taste. A favorite Puer, one cup can be brewed to 20 times. This is a very rare tea and in very limited supply.

Wild Purple Bud

  • Tea leaves of this Puer are handpicked from wild tea trees in the virgin forests of Lang Cang River in Puer. These wild, ancient tea trees are revered by tea farmer Chen Mei and her family as a powerful spirit that have protected them. During the Cultural Revolution, in an effort to cut the relationship with the ancient culture, the government ordered the cutting down of all ancient tea trees in Yunnan. Chen Mei's grandfather, who was managing the ancient tea garden at that time, risked his life by forbidding anyone in the village from cutting down the beautiful ancient trees. Now, this ancient tea tree plantation is regarded as having the most unique tea tree forest on the mountain.

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