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Online Tea Appreciation and Short Courses 

Browse our schedule of online courses.  Our Tea Appreciation Session  is perfect for beginners.  The other short tea courses are recommended for tea drinkers who want to expand their tea knowledge. For those who want to take their passion for tea to the next level, we have a certification program that is recognized in the US and in different parts of the world. 


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Date: To be arranged

Venue: Google Meet/ Zoom

Online ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course

The International Tea Masters Association (ITMA) is the gold standard in tea education. With programs being conducted in different parts of the world, you will be certain to join an elite group of tea sommeliers and tea masters.  

The ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course, developed in the US, is a professional certification program with a 2-day classroom training and an 8-week home study brewing and tasting different teas.

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Date: To be arranged

Venue: Google Meet / Zoom

Online Basic Tea Appreciation Session

This is a 2.5-hour online session with a lecture, brewing, and tasting that will introduce you to the world of tea.

Learn the brewing basics, know more about the health benefits of tea, and appreciate it even more both for its functionality and taste.

Book an online session on a Friday or a Saturday at your most convenient time for Php 2,500.00 per participant.


The fee includes five (5) different tea samples and our own Buddy Gaiwan Set. 


Date: To be arranged

Venue: Google Meet/ Zoom

​The Basics of Gongfu- Online Session

Learn about the evolution of the Chinese Tea Ceremony and the basics of brewing tea using a gaiwan and a clay teapot.

This is a 4-hour session with lecture, demonstration and practice. At the end of the program, you should be able to perform the basic steps of the Gongfu Cha Ceremony.

Session fee includes five(5) tea samples, a traditional gaiwan, a fair cup and two(2) tasting cups.

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