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Browse our shop for premium loose leaf teas from organically-grown tea trees, or wild and/or ancient tea trees.

White Peony
most common style of traditional white tea
Ancient Moonlight White Premium
handpicked and processed on a full moon
Moonlight Buds
silky, smooth, white buds from Yunnan, China
Ancient Baked Heart
grows at elevations between 6000-7000 feet and enjoys the high mountain sun
Ancient Artisan Bi Luo Chun
a very rare tea
Ancient Gan Tong
grows at elevations between 6,000- 7,000 feet and enjoys the high mountain sun
Wild Rock Oolong
a tea that grows on a mountain rich in volcanic soil
High Mountain Big Red Robe Tea
a rare and special tea
Artisan Yunnan Black Needle
a real "high mountain" tea
Artisan Golden Tips
best black tea in Yunnan, China
Jin Jun Mei
the longer this tea is kept, the better the fragrance, the smoother the taste
Ancient Phoenix Fermented Puer Ball
Best Fermented Puer, 2011, Yunnan Government Puer Competition
Wild Purple Bud Puer
a tea from an ancient tea plantation in a unique tea tree forest
Mengku Rich Valley Raw Puer
a Puer from very rare, ancient big-leaf tea trees
Wild Schisandra
has been used by Chinese athletes, martial artists and Qigong practitioners
Wild Gynostemma
used by traditional people known for their incredible longevity
Wild Chamomile Flower
has been used for centuries to relax and improve sleep
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