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  • Stia Untal

4 Ways To Reduce Stress While Working From Home

Picture this — it is 9 AM and you are still in bed, laptop on, camera off, still a bit sleepy, you log on for your first meeting of the day.

Man working from home - Dulcetierra Philippines
The struggles of working from home

While this may not sound like a regular work setup, it is one that many of us have grown accustomed to and are most likely enjoying. Working from home offers perks like having a more relaxed environment and zero commute hours. However, it also has its share of challenges.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed by this new normal, here are a few ways to reduce stress while working from home.


1. Set a morning routine ☀️

While there is no one prescribed way of starting your day, a morning routine could work wonders in giving you clarity and structure to carry you through your day.

Feel accomplished

Start your mornings slow while checking off tasks that make you feel inspired and productive. Make your bed, catch up on news, or do something physical like walking your dog. You may also want to check your agenda for the day to avoid any surprises that may throw you off. Do not feel pressured to make your routine complicated. Remember, you are looking for ways to reduce stress, not add to it!

Fuel your body

Eating breakfast offers plenty of benefits such as kickstarting your metabolism and boosting energy to help you focus on the day ahead. After breakfast, drink green tea. On top of its many health benefits, it has just enough caffeine to give you that mental alertness you need. As an added bonus, if you are eating something fried for breakfast, green tea is a good tea to pair it with!

2. Separate work and play

Working from home offers the potential to cultivate a better work-life balance. However, if you are not mindful, the lines can easily be blurred. Failing to create boundaries may lead to procrastination and cause the need for extended hours just to get the job done.

Create a workspace

While it may be tempting to take that work call from the comfort of your bed, this may trigger unhealthy work habits such as being unfocused, unprepared, and unpresentable in meetings. Instead, set up a small desk or choose an area of your home specifically for working to replicate the feeling of going to work. This does not mean it has to be boring! Spruce it up with some plants and other decors to promote focus and productivity.

Avoid distractions

When working from home, it is easier to hop on social media during a boring meeting or to have a movie playing in the background while preparing reports. Hard as it may be, resist the urge. One of the best ways to reduce stress is to focus your attention on your work to stay in a productive mindset. This helps you to maintain your work-life balance by avoiding overtime hours.

3. Take breaks 🚶

Giving yourself breathers throughout the day actually helps you regain energy and helps you concentrate better on the tasks at hand. Make sure to consciously take breaks to avoid feeling completely burned out by the time you log out.

Move your body

Sitting at your desk and staring at your screen all day can be tiring. Get up from your workspace and do light stretches regularly to move your tense muscles. Have a bit more time? Take a walk and get some fresh air to get your blood pumping. You will come back to work feeling more refreshed!

Refuel your energy

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish in the afternoon, instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, try drinking a warm cup of Wild Schisandra. While it may sound unfamiliar, this tea is widely used throughout China and Russia and is known for its powerfully energizing and endurance-enhancing effects. If you’re looking for a coffee alternative to wake you up in between those back-to-back meetings, this may be perfect for you! It helps your body cope better with stress as well.

4. Decompress 💆

If you feel the urge to check work emails and messages after logging off, forget it. After spending over eight hours on your day job, take some time to pamper yourself and relieve stress.

Do something you enjoy

Working from home saves you a lot of time so maximize this perk! Do something you love. Not only will this give you something to look forward to at the end of the day, it also gives you an opportunity to relax or even improve on your skills. Whether it be cooking a delicious dinner, catching up on your favorite shows, or working on one of your hobbies, make sure you carve out your well-deserved personal time.

Have a social outlet

At times, working from home can feel isolating with the lack of human interaction and mostly camera-off meetings. When you feel stressed or anxious about work, it is important to remind yourself that you are not alone. Feed your social needs by spending time with your family or setting up video call sessions with your friends to keep each other updated.

Get enough rest

Just because you are working from home does not mean you can stay up all night to binge-watch your favorite shows. Rest is sacred. It is essential to give your body enough time to recover. If you have been feeling extra anxious about work and have had trouble sleeping, try drinking a warm cup of chamomile tea before going to bed. On top of its digestive and immune-boosting benefits, it is also widely believed to help reduce stress and improve sleep.

With companies adapting to hybrid work models and the growing prevalence of fully-remote opportunities, working from home is here to stay. Reap the full benefits of working from home by staying mindful of your physical and mental well-being.

Avoid burnout and keep these tips in mind to help you reduce and manage stress while working from home.


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