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Designed and handcrafted by a Filipino ceramics artist, our Buddy Gaiwan is a modern gaiwan that makes brewing loose leaf tea convenient whether you are at home, at work or outdoors. Ideal for brewing green and white teas, and the perfect gift for tea lovers or anyone who likes tea. 



  * Handcrafted

  * Durable

  * Non-toxic

  * Lead-free

  * Dishwasher-safe

  * 2-pc set (a brewing cup and a drinking cup)

  * Capacity: 2-4 ounces of water


Important Reminders:

  * The drinking cup can only hold 2 ounces of water. Using more water when brewing tea will require the use of a fair cup or another drinking cup.

  * After pouring the tea, allow it to cool down a bit before you take a sip.

  * Always be careful when holding the tea set after brewing as the brewing and drinking cups may be hot.


Watch video to learn how to use our Buddy Gaiwan.

Buddy Gaiwan- Floral Design

₱1,450.00 Regular Price
₱1,015.00Sale Price
  • We are proud of the products that we carry; thus, we would appreciate it if you could advise us of quality problems through email within seven (7) days from receipt of this product. 

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